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Reliable Aircraft Sales and Management Services

Jet America offers a full array of “value added” services. With over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, we have the tools to expertly guide you with every aircraft transaction. We have experience with managing hundreds of sales of single and twin-engine piston aircraft, as well as turbo props, jets and helicopters. We are also an approved third-party broker for Bombardier Aircraft.

As a professional pilot, aircraft owner, and experience owning an FAA 145 repair facility, Dave Neely offers a unique perspective to the process of acquiring or selling an aircraft. It’s important to us that our customers have the most positive, financially viable experience possible, so we work on “their terms,” within their budget, mission, and personal taste.

Jet America has owned, operated, and managed dozens of aircraft including but not limited to Lear Jets, Hawkers, Cessna Jets, King Airs, and various turbo props and turbine helicopters. We always strive to put our client’s interest and aircraft needs ahead of our own preconceived ideas and ensure that, whether buying or selling, all parties are fully informed and able to make a well-educated decision. It is important to us to give you the personalized, one-on-one, 24/7 service and availability you deserve.

As part of our service with your aircraft consultation and purchase we can assist you with:

Fleet Insurance Discounts

Aircraft Crew Training Discounts

Title Searches

Aircraft History Research

International Registration

Sales Tax Advice

Reputable Paint and Interior Facility Affiliations

Price comparisons to all similar aircraft on global market

Access to Bank/Lender Aircraft Repossessions Available

Best Facilities for Pre-purchase Inspection with Personal Oversight

Inspection recommendations

Post inspection negotiations if needed

Final closing documents such as Delivery and Acceptance forms

Hiring of crews for first time owners

Fuel contracts with wholesale fuel distributors

Follow up help after the sale or purchase with any issues

David is a qualified, experienced “Expert Witness” for aviation legal issues

Thank you for considering Jet America as your personal “Aircraft Consultant” in your aircraft purchasing process.

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